SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW? by Harry Golden


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This is Harry Golden's eighth book. It is composed, at least in part, of his syndicated newspaper columns and deals with a great number of current topics, issues and people. Harry Golden's interests are many and his humanitarian concerns have made him by now a familiar and predictable figure warmly received even by the objects of his mild criticism. It is his very good will in fact which has led to his own chastisement by more implacable Jewish intellectuals. He has been criticized, for example, for the sentimentality of neglecting to mention, in his reminiscences, the more squalid aspects of life on the Lower East Side. He is hurt by this criticism for he feels that his type of comment is of the upbeat variety. There is truth in Harry Golden's recollections but it is definitely the rose-colored kind and it has more relation to Sam Levinson than to unpleasant fact. Still, one cannot help sympathize with his very obvious good humor. Some of his other topics here include a collection of comments on civil rights, an appreciation of Lyndon Johnson, the blacklisting of John Henry Faulk and a criticism of the Beatles. Golden's many fans should welcome this new book of cracker barrel philosophy.

Publisher: Putnam