RUN, RUN! by Harry Granick
Kirkus Star


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I'm getting superstitious about this book, for I've already reported it twice, and still it is postponed. This time the publishers promise it for September, so here goes. The story is tops, though one can't but question the plausibility of some of the incidents and some of the characters. It holds the interest from first page to last. Two children from among the 150 winners of a cereal company contest, arrive in New York a day ahead of schedule, and find themselves on their own. They ""do"" New York from Ellie Island to Harlem, from the East River to Hell's Kitchen. They see how the other half lives, they make friends with all sorts and conditions of men, they escape pursuit and discovery, making it hard for those who would be their friends, and they have a glorious time.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1941
Publisher: Simon & Schuster