WIRED by Harry Hellerstein


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Spies and gags in a futuristic tedium-stew. Some time hence, the world's greatest computer wizards are: Berkowitz, who has built a gigantic electronic pleasure-disco shaped like a pineapple on Alcatraz Island; and Rita Spark, whose gigantic monster computer funded by International Industries has taken over the world's energy supply and is the big mama brooding over all the world's computers (excepting Berkowitz's). Rita's not satisfied, however. She's now engineering the takeover of Okan, the Middle Eastern country that exports bengrate gas, the world's new super-fuel. And the Rita/Berkowitz paths will start crossing when a teenager nicknamed ""Ice Cream"" is kidnapped by Okan spies and put on the world-computer-TV slave market: Berkowitz decides to save her; he flies to Okan with Carcas, a rock group that literally stinks of death and radiates corpse-vibes; he falls in with the group's singer, Tulip, who turns out to be with the Special Intelligence Division of the bengrate-exporting countries. And Rita and Berkowitz will go at it in a computer duel to save Ice Cream from immolation as a human sacrifice to Kuri, Okan's god. Popcorn futurology: silly and dull.

Pub Date: June 17th, 1982
Publisher: St. Martin's