ENCOUNTERING MYSELF: Contemporary Christian Meditations by Harry James Cargas

ENCOUNTERING MYSELF: Contemporary Christian Meditations

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No more skimping on class preparations or short tempered responses to those who don't catch on as quickly as I would wish."" Elsewhere there is a reference to hating one's colleagues--a common feature of any profession. Mr. Cargas, a St. Louis teacher and writer, has met one of the criteria for a usable book of devotion, that it should ring reasonably true and be down-to-earth. The 59 brief, meaty pieces here each provoke some self-examining question, and result in heightened aspiration, wider horizons, greater self-understanding. The author's preoccupation with Teilhard, Elie Wiesel, Daniel Berrigan, Graham Greene, process theology, death and hope--as evidenced by his earlier books--shows in the material here, but everything is accessible to the ordinary reader. A straight use of ""the blood of Christ"" and ""being redeemed by an infinite sacrifice"" (once each) may not be much of an obstruction to a generation whose youth anthem was written by John Newton. And if occasionally the book is a little prosy, and if we are not told, for example, what the author means by his key concept of ""growing in love,"" this is nevertheless, a well above average item in its category--literate, responsible, and substantial.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Hawthorn