THE COOK by Harry Kressing


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A fable, part diabolique, part diversion, tells of the Hills and the Vales and the ancestral castle that one of them would inherit- known as The Prominence. The Hills have twins, Harold and Esther; the Vales only one daughter, Daphne, who has run to fat--an appalling avoirdupois, which has diminished her desirability as a wife to Harold until one Conrad Venn is hired by the Hills as the chef. The old feud between the two families is now no more than a kitchen rivalry; Conrad quickly takes care of that by eliminating the Vales' chef Brogg, and preparing reducing, anti-depressant meals for Daphne, while fattening Esther up for himself. In time-- well- ""L'appetit vient en mangeant"" and there's no point in spoiling it for anyone, so let's just say that this chef's oeuvre has high originality, some style and a come-on which assures that it will be read at one sitting.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1965
Publisher: Random House