THE BOMBERO: Tales from Latin America by Harry Levy

THE BOMBERO: Tales from Latin America

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Four long shert stories, contemporary in feel, with good atmosphere of streets, market place, life of the countries that form the background. The first story (title story) is set in Guayaquil where a small boy who yearns to be a ""bombero"" (fire fighter) has his wish; the second, Little Silver Fish is a story of Mexico, and of a lad who drives a six burro team for the delectation of tourists, but whose ambition is to go fishing for the little silver fish. The Guanaco that was Different is an animal story of the plains of Argentine. And Alejandro and his Thirteen Dogs is a story of Peru and of a lonely small boy whose companions are a motley collection of dogs, which justify their existence by saving him from El Tigre. Don't pigeonhole this book as another collection of folk tales; it has a potential market more modern in interest. Lovely looking book, with stunning pictures -- some in full color -- by Howard Simon.

Publisher: Knopf