A SEAL CALLED ANDRE by Harry & Lew Dietz Goodridge


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If you've decided to read just one more book by someone who has befriended a marine mammal, this might as well be it. Unlike many of his fellow adopters of wild creatures, Mr. Goodridge, of Rockport, Maine--where they're not given to cosmic meditation on the oneness of man and animals--just acts natural and simply spins off anecdotes about Andre. The harbor seal which Goodridge raised from a young pup, is somewhat of a celebrity along the New England coast (he has been admired by politicians from Adlai Stevenson to Ed Muskie--who helped spring both seal and Goodridge from a Marine Mallal Protection rap). Andre is also a pest, although he's been dubbed Honorary Harbor Master--not only did he enjoy lolling on boats and gear, but he nibbled at oars, upset a canoe, and had a habit of scaring the daylights out of neophyte scubfi divers. So Andre winters in Boston's New England Aquarium and is released in the spring to return by sea to Rockport with excited spottings punctuating the 200 mile journey. Andre and two other seals Goodridge has trained can bring in mooring lines, retrieve objects in the depths, and are bright as their button eyes. Andre is immensely likable--and so is the author.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Praeger