GOON FOR LUNCH by Harry Secombe


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Mild, good-natured amusements remembered--and undoubtedly mellowed by innocent fabrications--from the childhood, Army and show business experiences of the veteran British comedian, one of The Goon Show's charter members. There are those unforgettable boyhood landmarks: deflating conclusions to promising romances (one nymphet couldn't stop laughing) or a lesson in how truth telling is both noble and stupid. Or the World War II stories: an exercise in preparedness which checked Harry's German grammar to make sure he wouldn't use the wrong tense of ""I surrender""; saving a village from an unexploded bomb by rolling it away on a bed; an undeserved hospital rest cure, etc. And finally, the stage recollections including the audience's ""blaze of indifference"" which is mentioned more than once. Amiable.

Pub Date: Feb. 2nd, 1975
Publisher: St. Martin's