AHEAD OF TIME by Harry & Theodore J. Gordon -- Eds. Harrison


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This is a book about new ideas."" At least that's what the editors say. In point of fact the scientific theories postulated here -- ranging from Dandridge Cole and Donald Cox's expectation of human space colonies living in hollowed-out asteroids, to Cleve Backster's polygraphic evidence that plants possess emotional feelings, to Irving Horowitz's critique of the disastrous DOD-sponsored socio-political Project Camelot -- have all been circulated previously in such accessible journals as Science, Trans-action, and Physics Today. But this farrago of hard and soft scientific speculation does bring it all together and the effect is stimulating, even if most of the ideas are probably slated for that cracked pot of scientific nonsense -- Harrison and Gordon warn that most conjectures of this kind are ""wrong for all time and irrevocably"" but you never can tell: ""Socrates, Galileo, Maxwell. . .faced their peers with new ideas and were judged irresponsible."" So don't be too hasty in dismissing the possibility of communication with other forms of intelligent life in the cosmos or R.C.W. Ettinger's experimentation with freezing humans shortly before death (cryonics -- 14 are now on ice and already history has seen its first ""mother-melter""). Hum.

Pub Date: Jan. 21st, 1971
Publisher: Doubleday