AND THEN CAME MAN by Hartmut Bastian


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This venture into the theories that surround the earth's beginnings is infinitely more lucid and far ranging than The Idea Of Prehistory (see p. 159.) It is a translation from the German that dwells with charitable clarity on some basic points in geology, palaeontology, evolutionary development of the species and the various stages of man. The illustrations are line drawings, diagrams and maps inserted near the text they explicate. There are also sections of black and white photographs. Because the book comes by way of England, the preface urges the reader to make good use of certain London museums. However this is followed by a short list of selected readings that is realistic in terms of what can be obtained in American public and college libraries. For the layman with a nagging sense of science-education lag and urge to do it himself.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1963
Publisher: Viking