THE DARK CITY by Hartvig as told to Andersen


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The secret O.S.S. agent known as Aage Schmidt slipped into Berlin in February 1945. A Dane, he posed as a Swedish businessman and carried on his work with the aid of amateurs such as Carl and Lili, couriers, and others. Through the black market, loose talk, informers who wanted to save themselves from the onrushing fall of the city, he sent information to London, including the whereabouts of Himmler as the big and little Nazis deserted the city. The siege of Berlin brought him with friend and foe to cave dwelling;he observed the conquering Russians taking their vengeance on the women of the city. But with his Allies come more danger than even the suspicious district officer had provided. Upon giving himself up for transfer as an American officer, he was imprisoned and sent on the trek East as a spy against Russia. The escape Westward, still in Russian hands, the final dash from a van returning him to Berlin -- the dash to the American POW camp -- bring a suspenseful finish to a tale told with calm and warmth. Exciting entries and exits.

Publisher: Rinehart