FOR EVERY TEAR A VICTORY: The Story of Fordinand E. Marcos by Hartzell pence

FOR EVERY TEAR A VICTORY: The Story of Fordinand E. Marcos

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his is a necessarily sober review of the life of one of the most extraordinary men alive, a man likely to become President of the Philippine Republic. He is now forty-six and, like Lenin, has been Number One all his life at everything he laid his hand to. A million Filipino natives believe he has the magic talisman anting anting in his back and that he cannot fail at anything (these one million natives always vote for him en bloc). He has miraculously survived near-death eight times, including the Bataan Death March and torture by the Japanese secret police. As if trying to outrace himself he has been ""the youngest man in his nation's history to be the minority leader of the House of Representatives, minority leader of the Senate, president of the Senate, and president of his political party."" Before he was twenty-five he won more medals for bravery than anyone in his country's history, and was so remarkable a soldier that General MacArthur himself commented about anting anting. After the war, as a lawyer, he handled some floridly sensational trials with sharp wit and eloquence, continually outwitting the prosecution by psychological tactics, bravura and sheer knowledge. This charismatic man promised his constituents in 1949 to be President in twenty years, and was voted into Congress by a landslide. His destiny is conspicuous.

Pub Date: Aug. 4th, 1964
Publisher: McGraw-Hill