HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Hartzell Spence
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A heart-breaking, heart-warming account of a return to the land which has much of human interest, of failure belatedly turned into success, this tells of the search for a permanent home, that will fill all specifications. Grounded by government bulletins, the Spences found nothing to satisfy them until they lost their hearts to a white elephant of a house in Orange county, Virginia. It had none of the things that were necessary and many that were not, but buy it they did and cope with the house, the land, manpower and mechanical stumbling blocks they did. While he was in the Service in Washington, Mrs. Spence did yeoman's work in getting repairs done, starting a farming program and managing to keep her sanity in spite of continual frustration. There were accidents, there was sickness, there was hospitalization and there was the final acknowledgement they could not swing such a big deal. But instead of selling the whole place, they sold part and found they had made a long step toward comfortable, possible country living. An impressive report on all too human problems, this has a large audience for its history of mishaps, mischances and eventual happiness.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1949
Publisher: Whittlesey House