ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN: The Life of a Practical Parson by Hartzell Spence
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ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN: The Life of a Practical Parson

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There's enough here for all tastes, -- a working religion, courageous opportunism, a distinctive character, all experienced and reported through the record of an admiring son. Thoroughly enjoyable account of Methodist minister's life in the various communities he served (Iowa, Colorado, etc.), which through open-eyed presentation, which is neither irreverent nor disrespectful, has a real appeal of mellow amusement. Through many an incident, Father is presented in all his vigorous belligerency, his ability to balance the utilitarian and the spiritual, to the benefit of himself and his family, his statesmanship of working deviously to achieve his aims, while Mother, no mean partner for such a man, subtly guides him. There are church quarrels and vexations; there is the threat of being ousted by the malcontents; there are the early days of matrimony; there are irritations related to bad living quarters; there are parishioners of all kinds -- and how they are handled; there is work in a college town, during the war; there are revivals, old and new style. This is the best of the ""country parson"" group of books, with something of Life with Father in the blend.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1940
Publisher: Whittlesey House