NINE TO FIVE by Harvey Smith


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At the start this panorama of office life seems stereotyped and obvious-already ""dated"". But gradually one gets interested in the personalities of the office staff, in their problems below the surface, behind the front, of humor and tragedy and romance and office politics. Time -- the present; setting -- the New York offices of the Seneca Salt Company, with side trips to the homes of some of the workers, and a cross state trip to the mines. The central story concerns the romance of Gail Allen, new secretary, and Porter Dayton, son of the race track enthusiast and large stockholder, Mrs. Dayton. Porter is the rich playboy type, but he falls for Gail, and thinks he has lost her to the manager, so gets himself engaged on the rebound to a society dame. He and Gail have innocently become the butt of a proposed blackmail trick, through accident, and ultimately this very trick turns the tables, frees Porter, and gives Gail another chance. Plenty of incident, sentiment and humor, for an upper-level office girl into boss's wife romance for the rentals.

Publisher: Scribner