THE GANG'S ALL HERE by Harvey Smith
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Round up all prospective 25th reunioners (page Harvard, Yale, and others as well as Princeton). Then let a few other discriminating gossips in on the secret, that here is the book that gives, in hugely entertaining fictionized form, the low down on ""men we have known"". I defy anyone, man or woman, to read this without discovering one character after another that fits into a familiar groove. This is one of those books that should go by word of mouth advertising, for everyone who reads it has an overwhelming yen to share bits of it with any receptive listener, and immediately. For men primarily, yes -- but the wives will like it too, at any rate in part....What is it? A Class Secretary sheds his inhibitions; he decides once and for all to ""tell all"" and to throw out the window the innocuous bits of soft soap about his classmates. He calls his alma mater ""Nostalgia University"" -- and his class, reviewed in the light of the 25th reunion, includes the great, the near great, the famous, the notorious, those who have shrunk through the years, and those who have gained stature. It is full of humor and of tragedy, sincerity and cynicism -- never too much of one or the other to pall. With a surgeon's scalpel, the truth is laid bare. If you want a sample, read about Bert Hormone, soldier of fortune., ""the only Nostalgian who ever won his Y and the only man fired from Nostalgia who afterwards won his Phi Betta Kappa key.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1941
Publisher: Princeton University Press