HE WILL by Harvey wados


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ess intellectually ambitious than any of Swados' earlier novels, this nbred but overt gothic tale completes the story of the Land brothers, druggists in a large city who acquired a massive fortune in real estate holdings, lived in ""cremitical eccentricity"" in a Victorian mausoleum- a filthy pigsty, and died within a week of each other. Their will will prove to be a Pandora's box of ries (hate, lust, and cupidity) for the three sons of Leo Land; Ralph who has been away for ten years and now returns; Ray, the youngest, who for three years has been ""hiding in the attic like a time bomb"" and would seem to be an almost ertifiable crackpot; and Mel, serving a long sentence in prison. During the days here before the will is processed all kinds of mutually destructive incidents take place: Ralph attempts to seduce Ray into leaving his attic, and to excluse brother el from his share- if any; he marries and his wife Kitty complicates the relationships; a nocturnal attack leads to a double hospitalization- of Kitty, and the rowler who proves to be Mel; and in a final scene all the old hatreds are at east aired prior to the resolution of the will- a ""ghostly horselaugh"".... All the curiosa, the taints and torments, attendant in this rather preposterous family history may well attract a more popular readership than Swados has had in the east; the novel is avidly absorbing to begin with although eventually it pays the price of overindulgence- fatigue.

Publisher: World