WORLD WITHOUT A ROOF by Hassoldt Davis


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A consolidation of the author's wanderings is here encompassed by his autobiography and even half the experiences he writes about would fill any other man's life. A restless son of wealthy parents, it is Paris at 19 to write; ""Communist rioting"" deports him from France and returns him to Harvard; evicted from home, he bums his way to San Francisco, where he ships out to Tahiti, travels round the world and writes sporadically. Moving pictures with Andre Roosevelt in Bali and Parie again where Hinny is his mistress for 8 years and his wife for one, then years of writing and travelling. With his first book accepted, there are further journeys -- and for stranger objectives -- snake worship, bloody rituals, little known and odd spots of the world. There is war and fighting (with the Free French); divorce and remarriage; more cinematic projects; a second divorce and a brush with death in an auto collision. Behind the exotic customs, fascinating characters and excitement, is the haunting picture of a lost, lonely man, unable to find himself but who has found a fresh, vivid, masculine projection for his personal history. Readers of his previous books (The Jungle and the Dammed 1952, Sor Village, 1955) will appreciate this copious fill-in.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1957
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce