RAINBOW GOLD by Haven A. Mason


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Another unfortunate lore and period experiment, this time taking place in Elizabethan England. Pattye Paget, a fourteen-year-old farm girl in a small village, amazes the home folk by venturing into places where spirits dwell, curing the sick, knowing how to read and spell, and driving out ghosts from the estate of the Lord of Boncaster. Although she has a charm promised to save her from evil, Pattye knows better, and convinces the lord and the village people that evil is only in the mind. Pattye is cleared of the accusation of witchcraft, comes into money, endows a school for the poor, and is on the way to marriage with the lord's son. An improbable and historically incredible story, but might have passed with simpler style and realistic characterizations. This publisher has wandered far off from the interests of young people -- the heroes and heroines are saccharine, unreal- the atmosphere stuffy.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1950
Publisher: Caxton