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From the first illustration, we know that Terry has a healthy imagination: holding a pinwheel in each hand, he pretends he is an airplane as his Mom talks on the phone. But what he overhears her say--""Tuesday is going to be terrible!""--sets his imagination on fire. What could his mother be so dreading? he wonders. What terrible thing will happen? The possibilities he conjures up--and the amusing way Ross illustrates them--will delight young readers, who will be able to identify with many of Terry's fears of what Tuesday will bring: maybe robbers will come to steal the furniture; maybe he will be kidnapped; maybe there will be a great flood; maybe thieves will rob Dad's bank; maybe a witch will take up residence in the attic. And after each hypothetical scenario, Terry explains why it would be terrible: the bank robbers may tie Dad to a table; the witch may turn his family into toads, etc. This lighthearted entertainment will undoubtedly serve a useful purpose as readers realize how silly some fears can be. As it turns out, what Terry's mother dreads brings him great joy: on Tuesday, his favorite cousins come over to play--and make a mess that Mom will probably be cleaning up until next Tuesday.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1986
Publisher: Morrow