HERBERT'S STILTS by Hazel Wilson


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Herbert is back -- along with his partners in mischief Chuck, Donny and Pete, his indulgent parents, and Uncle Horace, deus ex machina when the going gets too rough even for Herbert. Although our world has changed drastically in the thirty years since Mrs. Wilson introduced us to Herbert Yadon, his seems almost the same -- except that its inhabitants (especially the parents and rich uncle) have flattened into cliches. The earlier Herbert escapades were whimsical outgrowths of everyday incidents, with Herbert an inquisitive catalyst whose fertile imagination swept the reader away into a world of good-natured fantasy. These latest adventures, each involving a pair of stilts Herbert makes in woodworking class, are just as farfetched, but this time author Wilson is just slightly off her stride.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1972
Publisher: Knopf