FIGHTERS FOR FREEDOM: Jefferson & Bolivas by Headrik Willem Vas Loon

FIGHTERS FOR FREEDOM: Jefferson & Bolivas

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Headrik Van Loon, whether in his role as historian or geographer chose to cast his material in a manner that, even then, seemed to belong to another age. Today, it will be interesting to see whether the stream-lined younger generation will label him""old fashioned"" ""slow moving"" -- ""wordy"". Or whether the more perceptive among them will sense the underlying quality of perception, faintly humorous awareness of man's foibles, and a deeply sincere sense of history. In choosing this material for reissue, the publisher shown an awareness of the timelessness of these two great figures in the cause of liberty. Van Loon has placed them in the frame of reference of the issues that made history, and a t the same time given them stature and drama and personality. It is a courageous effort and should merit appreciative cooperation. It won't rise from the ground on its own momentum, so try it first with teen agers already fired with interest in some of the earlier fighters for freedom (Geribald and others). The slender background most of them have on Latin American will be somewhat rectified here.

Pub Date: Sept. 4th, 1962
Publisher: Dodd, Mead