FOR US THE LIVING by Heakon Chevalier


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A projection in time and implication, personal, political and philosophical, of the killing of a man- the persons who were affected, the issues that became involved. When Steve Callahan, a brutal and ambition-ridden ranch superintendent is murdered in California in 1929, his death brings on the immediate trial of his wife, Germaine, who had hated him. Released on a verdict of not guilty, Germaine marries Larry Hellman, a young and liberal professor who in 1933- as a means of venting anti-semitism, is brought to trial for Callahan's death. The years passing to 1937 see the crime revived when Angelo Parenti, labor organizer, is arrested on the evidence of a German- Steuben. And it is only some time later, after acts of victimization and terrorization, that Steuben's undercover activities, both as killer and Nazi, are revealed... A scanning of the main stream of American thought and action, this merges considerable ideological content with the external drama of its story, achieves substance and realism if however without subtlety.

ISBN: 0548060843
Publisher: Knopf