THE SPEAKERS by Heathcote William


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Error is continually repeated in action. That is why must continually repeat the truth in words."" This quotation from Goethe is posted on the gates of London's Hyde Park where ""The Speakers"" congregate. This is their story, the portrait of ""characters,"" ""sociopaths"" declaiming on everything from God to Christine Keeler. The oratory is intense, the speakers doubly so. There's Mac Guinness, Irish bum, drunkard, dope addict, throwing blarney and gall stones; Axel Ney Hock attacking the Establishment; Webster, erratic, follower of many faiths, mad beliefs and Van Dyn, product of his own imaginary past with Al Capone. The speakers may ramble but at the height of their madness and the insanity of their lives they have an enormous vitality which Mr. Williams projects onto the printed page. A sociological portrait the London Standard called ""Bedlam without Bars,"" for the liberal intellectual minority interested in ideas, people and truth.

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 1966
Publisher: Grove