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This overlaps to some extent where that is necessary to the subject, and goes on from where that book ended to the planting. It should make it a more widely popular book for the layman, where the other was primarily for the landscape architect. The whole subject, however, is closely tied up with the importance of planning design, of working towards a goal, of accepting the basic principles of unity, balance, sequence and accent and the leaser rules of scale, texture, mass and line. It in still a book for the layman's post graduate course, so to speak- not for the rank amateur. The average gardener can however get a great deal of practical aid in planning for selection of garden material to achieve the goals. Information on how to use plants, to achieve , the importance of through line and color, the layout of the beds to get seasonal effects. Many of the trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, etc. plus the data on special types of gardens are suggestive and valuable for any garden enthusiast. Rose will feel , perhaps, but doubtless the authors feel that roses are a specialists' flower. of illustrative material will somewhat limit the use of this for the general trade.

Publisher: Barrows