SETTING YOUR TABLE by Heien Sprakling


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I first met Mrs. Spra kling when she was on one of her trips to tell eager home-makers some of the fine points of etiquette of entertaining, and specifically of setting the table. So it is with pleasure I read this book which makes us all lift our sights and determine to be done with haphazard and casual housewifery Changes there are, in the etiquette of table and but the standards she sets are almost as rigid (yes, finger are still a ""must"" and butter plates should not be used for formal and paper napkins are only permissible at tea time) as those to which I was brought up. From the fine points of , silver and napery, to the amenities of polite living and entertaining formal and informal -- she speaks authoritatively and persuasively. Questions and answers at chapter ends help spot some of the problems, and careful indexing makes the book a practical self help book for those who would know the fine points.

Publisher: Barrows