THE HIDDEN ENEMY: The German Threat to Post-War Peace by Hein Pol

THE HIDDEN ENEMY: The German Threat to Post-War Peace

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Suicide of a Democracy (Reynal-1941) was one of the most enlightening books about the fall of France. This book is more specialized, as he writes of his own country, Germany, and the real problem of post-war peace as presented by ""the Nazis behind the Na"". These are the Pan-Germans, various elements of the imperialistic tradition which has always formed a ruling class, whether under the Kaiser or under Hitler. Junkers, industrialists, the army, the intellectual elite, the groups standing for German aggression, expansion and domination. Pol traces their leaders through the years, from Bernhardt, Haushofr, and Nietzsche, the formulators, to Hindenburg and Schleicher, who embodied their principles. All of the imperialistic forces were unified under the Hitler banner, with Hitler replacing the Kaiser. There is an interesting parallel here between the Kaiser and Hitler, showing amazing similarities. As Hitler grew in power, the other Pan Berman groups split with him, and are today awaiting their chance to install their own Pan-German rule. He suggests as the only solution, a revolutionary purge which will include these groups along with the Nazis.

Publisher: Messner