TIME WAS Death of a Junker by Heinrich Hauser

TIME WAS Death of a Junker

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The story of the German danse macabre which preceded the present war, as told by one of the Junker class, who during, and after, the last war found his world collapsing around him. He experimented in many ways of living, at sea, as a medical student, in iron mills, as a writer for the Frankfurter Zeitung, as publicity man for the Sarrasani Circus, for the Hamburg-American Line, as roving reporter, with an anti-Hitler bias. He shows the power-hold of the ""anti-republican, anti-democratic, anti-pacifist"" Junkers and how they helped bring about the conditions that were fertile soil for Nazi Germany; he pictures the early Hitler as ""pie in the sky"" German-style; he traces his own desire to believe in the Leader, his reasons for rebelling against the existing government, and eventually his leaving the country in March 1939. Has a more authentic note than such books as I Was a Nazi Flier; more in the class with Convert to Freedom. Thoughtful picture of Germany, examination of cause and effect, in presenting a German's view of Germany.

Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock