OUR BLUE PLANET: The Story of the Earth's Evolution by Heinz Haber

OUR BLUE PLANET: The Story of the Earth's Evolution

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Astronauts have confirmed what scientists expected: the earth is the only planet in our solar system with a bluish cast. Mental and then physical excursions into outer space have generated new perspectives not only on earthly problems but on earthly properties and proportions. Drawing on the very latest information and speculation, physicist and author Heinz Haber provides a pleasant roundup on the earth's past, present, and future, discussing its age, substance, shape, and internal structure, inquiring into the origin of the atmosphere, oceans, and life, expounding the new hypothesis of an expanding earth. Among the facts to inspire awe or at least cocktail party conversation: the spacing of our planetary system was probably determined by laws of motion and look-alike systems should be scattered through-out the universe; the mass of the earth increases daily by about 1000 tons from meteoroids and meteoritic dust particles striking its surface; the universe is not ten or a hundred times as old as our planet but only about 1(apple) or 2 times as old. An absorbing story accessible to the general reader and the junior scientist.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1969
Publisher: Scribners