MURDER -- Made In Germany by Heinz Liepmann

MURDER -- Made In Germany

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A true story of present day Germany"" we are told, and surely it reads as though written by an eye witness to the reign of terror instituted last Spring, under the Nazi regime. The story is set in an original mold -- a vessel, having sailed from a German port on December 26th, 1932, returns the end of March, 1933, without any knowledge of what has taken place. A group of men, loyal German citizens, filled only with enthusiasm over their home-coming, plunges into the thick of an atmosphere charged with suspicion, fear, hate. One by one, the men come against authority -- in the form of terrorism. Sensational, frightful, bitter, this indictment of mediaeval methods in a modern world rings true, and carries more force than many volumes of unadulterated facts. Sell to customers impersonally interested in present day Germany, and to those whom you know to be anti-Nazi.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1934
Publisher: Harper