LUCY by Helen Ansell


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This noisome first novel is about Lucy Noakes and the various people with whom she relates as she tries to determine her own emotional polarities--dominant or dependent. With Mr. Eiriksen, a prim, sterile and rather foolish professor; with Bessie, six feet tall and quite raucous; with Lorenzo, and orderly in a hospital where she takes a summer job who is both a ""failure and a slob""; and especially with a chocolate brown Indian called Ivy who smokes pot and is very consuming in the sack. Actually Lucy's sexual persuasion seems irrelevant since all of the people with whom she associates are so unattractive. They also sweat a great deal. . . . This ""genuinely wrought piece of fiction"" (courtesy of the publishers) takes place at a New England girl's college and the curriculum vitae would suggest that coeducation be achieved as rapidly as possible.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1969
Publisher: Harper & Row