TO TEENS, WITH LOVE by Helen Bottel


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Although parents will hardly fault the author-columnist's ardent handholding of tremulous teens, one suspects that when showered with over-thirty empathy in maternal abundance, most teens just tune out. Just the facts, man, without the soul thrown in, seems to be a more popular reference. However, Mrs. Bottel dotes on teens and their traumas, and using sample questions from her newspaper constituents, Mrs. Bottel touches on most problems--parents, self-confidence, sex, dating, drugs, etc. Certainly no alarmist, the author guesses (?) that most first-time marijuana users will not use it again because ""it's just too much bother."" As for the pill--unwed motherhood is rarely planned a month in advance. Sound advice on most matters. There is, however, a hearty plug for understanding parents and their problems, if their children care. The author also laces her merrier moments with vintage slang at least several seasons in arrears. May do, or rather have done, in small daily doses on the woman's page.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday