THE MARIJUANA QUESTION by Helen C. & Paul W. Lovinger Jones


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A massive, opinionated compilation of material against marijuana use, recreational or medicinal. Jones (Sensual Drugs) and Lovinger report on hundreds of research studies and interviews to illustrate the harm that cannabis can do to the body (the reproductive, circulatory, immune, and respiratory systems), to the psyche (both brain and mind), and to society (attitudes, addiction, crime, medicine, the military). This is all covered in detail--with extensive quotes from the studies in question (""In the rosette method, sheep's red blood cells will rim lymphocytes when properly processed. 'The mean percentage of T-lymphocytes found. . .'"") and from interviews (""Marijuana speeded up my heart so greatly, I had heavy palpitations and felt like it was jumping out of my chest""). Certainly, the hazards of marijuana use are becoming well established; but this march through every shred of relevant research--including some very preliminary findings--tends toward overkill. Very similar to Peggy Mann's equally fervent Marijuana Alert (1984, p. 994)--so readers seeking a more practical, encompassing frame of reference should again see Stephen J. Levy's Managing the Drugs in Your Life (1983).

Pub Date: March 1st, 1985
Publisher: Dodd, Mead