WITH WINGS AS EAGLES by Helen Chappel White


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An ""anatomy of grief"" which is also a ""testament of faith"", this is an intense and intimate record of reconciliation with death. From the first telegram which reported that Goodrich, her son, was missing in action, to the ultimate establishment of his death three months later, this goes on to trace the rejection of the reality of death with impossible hopes and subterfuges, the violent incredulity and protest, the declination of academic answers in which she found no comfort. But at the time when she could admit that her grief was unnatural, and her faith non-existent, a turning point was reached in the painful progress toward an acceptance which brought with it the conviction of Goodrich's survival, his immediate presence in her life as well as infinite in the Christian continuity of life after death..... A moving testimony which makes a very direct contact with this experience and holds its inspirational value for others.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1953
Publisher: Rinehart