JUMBO SPENCER by Helen Cresswell
Kirkus Star


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It's never explained how Jumbo Spencer got his nickname, but one assumes that it was meant figuratively. It was the phrase (spoken by a radio news announcer) ""...he was a great reformer and a leader of men"" which captured his attention, and he does stand high among the young gang leaders of juvenile fiction. When Jumbo heard the eulogy he wasn't quite positive about its meaning, but he knew he wanted it applied to himself. That's what made him turn his group of friends (Maggots, Freckles and Mike) into the Jumbo Spencer Reform Club. Others might have found the peaceful, attractive village lacking in things to reform, but Jumbo's efforts, starting with some minor personal comforts built up to turning the town into a tourist attraction which made possible the building of a hall, playing fields and pavillion. Jumbo et. al's activities are just as enjoyable as they are constructive, and despite the group's major accomplishments, it is refreshing that they are always recognizable as children. Jumbo hates boredom, he is never boring himself, and readers won't mind sharing in his next project.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1966
Publisher: Lippincott