LARK, RADIO SINGER by Helen Diehl Olds
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Light fiction for girls -- easy reading, good charactization, and plot, warmth, humor, romance -- an excellent book in its field. Annie Laurie (appropriately nicknamed Lark) having flunked out of college, leaves Hopkinsville, Va, her crabbed uncle, and her beloved grandmother, to make her way alone in New York, and become a singer. She boards with Mrs. Barton, a family friend, whose son Tod is in the Marin, goes to a professional school for radio, and tries to fight her way up the ladder. She meets many reverses, falls in love, finds her father, whom she has never seen, and all ends happily. This age (and older) readers will love Lark and her ""Glory Songs"", which play an important part in her story, the radio school, the Captain Jinks Amateur Night, and the small radio station stuff (all excellently done). Especially for those who aspire to sing or perform on radio.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1946
Publisher: Messner