77 WILLOW ROAD by Helen Douglas Irvin
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The author of Fray Maric with a haunting story which builds bit by bit a ttry of a family held together only so long as fear and dependence demanded, but leaving its impress on ""77 Willow Road"", a house in Cambridge, England, where a young woman found lodgings at the suggestion of a dissed old bag in . Her lady is the bitter old woman who poisoned all that same in touch with her, from her girlhood, when she resented the beauty of her younger sister, Rose, to her age when she triumphed over the cowed figure of her husband. But the husband thought he had found a way to pay her off, so slyly he lets one bit of the horror story after another come to light. And Evelyn, gripped by the drama she is recapturing, follows it down to its last grim, set, and leaves that murder has been done long years before. Unusual in its pattern, told with a sure artistry, this should find discrimi readers.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1945
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran