LIKE A LADY by Helen F. Daringer


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Another warm and realistic family story by Helen Daringer (see Bigity Anne, 1954 p. 61 for the latest) hits at the twelve to thirteen year olds as it sees worried, energetic Johanna Jones through the eighth grade. Near Chicago, Johanna lives with her widowed mother and her mild little sister Abbie- mild that is, in contrast to Johanna's vim. Almost as soon as the school year starts, so do the problems. First there is the most irritating new boy imaginable, Miles Aldrich- a real sissy who comes to school with a chauffeur. Then the Oak Corners' Mothers Committee- (meeting at school where Johanna overhears them) hesitates to send Mrs. Jones to a convention as their representative because her clothes look shabby. Incensed, Johanna starts out to earn enough money for a new outfit and in the process Miles becomes her friend and Johanna grows up.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1954
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace