ADOPTED JANE by Helen F. Daringer


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This story of a poor but worthy orphan girl is backgrounded against the days of the first motor cars and a way of life that passed with the horse and buggy. Jane, helpful, sweet and un- beautiful, lives in an orphanage, passed over for adoption when dimples and curls found homes with ease. There's a just matron and a mousey, kindly assistant- and the orphanage is adequate-but it's not a home and family. Then comes a wonderful summer and a double chance:- first there is a wealthy, shy and lonely woman, living unpretentiously in an old house -- and Jane proves her solid worth to Mrs. Thurston; second there is a vacation on a farm, where there is Tish, just Jane's age. And at the end of the summer, Jane has two offers of adoption. The story would have escaped any stigma of sentimentality had she chosen Tish and the farm; the choice of Mrs. Thurman seems somehow unreal and slightly stuffy. While the story is a rather original one and one with various things to recommend it, somehow it doesn't quite come off.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1947
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace