20,000 MILES SOUTH by Helen & Frank Schreider


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Via amphibious jeep from the Arctic Circle to the far coast of South America, such is the record of this couple. The story of their preparations and their traveling provides many busy and active experiences. Renders may find that this type of jeep has two fundamental drawbacks when exposed to such long distance touring (1) it bogs down on land, (2) it develops mechanical trouble or, from plain stops dead on water. The contraption is also small, hard on exposed surfaces; but the Schreiders endure all the way from north to south. On its brighter sides the vehicle, with its bunks, galley, library, storage space and its name, La Tortuga, did attract plenty of attention, created some droll scenes when it passed through the Panama Canal, and did make its destination with the help of many Good Neighbors to the South. The human two-thirds of the crew encounter all sorts of friendly people who lend a hand pushing, pulling, and comforting, through every hazard and ordeal: the non-human one third, a powerful German shepherd, in spite of his many audiences, does not always fare so well in the four legged world. For some there may be fascination of the far away in personal terms; others may find La Tortuga's peculiarities and personality the thing; the whole is off beat adventuring.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1957
Publisher: Doubleday