RUNNING WILD by Helen Griffiths


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Tedious, heavy-handed, and overloaded with issues. Pablo, living in Asturias with grandparents while his parents work in Germany, has little enjoyment except his dog Neska. Then his parents return, the two older generations squabble, and the nine-year-old is caught in the middle as both sides heap guilt on his head. On his own he's secretly caring for Neska's second litter: Grandfather destroyed the first so Neska hid the second, then died of poison intended for wolves. Anyone who trudges this far through the leaden prose can look forward to even more anguish in the chapters ahead, for Neska's adorable puppies turn into vicious countryside dogs and Pablo gets the blame: ""'You're responsible for all the terrible things that have happened,'"" insists his loving grandfather. Depressing, and muddled in purpose.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1977
Publisher: Holiday House