THE WILD HEART by Helen Griffiths
Kirkus Star


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From birth on, the mare La Bruja was ruled by one unending desire-- a lust for freedom. She soon tired of galloping across the pampas with the stallion and his small herd, but the stallion would not let her leave, prizing each one of his mares. However, when she became pregnant, he let her go, knowing she would return with her colt. La Bruja did not return; she accepted the opportunity for escape and roamed the plains with her colt. The cruel treatment of the wild horses of South America is here seen from an unusual point of view; the cowboys who lasso, catch and break the wild beasts are heartless and cruel, taking what they want, killing some, and letting others loose. LaBruja's struggle against first stallions and then men is tense, exciting, and moving. In the end, she returns to ""Trapalanda"", the uninhabited haven for horses which the auches believe in, only after a necessary injury has been inflicted on her by her best friend, a small orphan boy. Above average equine saga, in which a horse, despite individual characteristics, is nonetheless a horse.

Pub Date: Jan. 10th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday