HAVING IT ALL by Helen Gurley Brown
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HGB takes off--on success, diet, exercise, grooming, sex, love, marriage, friends, and money--in familiar, breathy, hot overly accurate Cosmo style. Brown fans, who've waited a long time for this (20 years since Sex and the Single Girl), will find her as dogmatic, cheery, and encouraging as ever. There's lots and lots on success at work--one of the necessities for a happy life (the other, of course, being love). The way to get ahead is to start at the bottom (as a secretary, if necessary--forget that college degree), and work, work, work. Be available and willing (even if it means making coffee and running errands for the boss), because nice, hardworking girls do finish first. On other topics, Brown is dazzlingly au courant and, as ever, a believer in the pleasure principle. The surprises are her own stories. She once went through her staff's desks after hours looking for something, anything to eat (the take: 26 stale raisins). She's been fired rive or six times: ""I spent the entire weekend with two different shrinks and cried nonstop for forty-eight hours--talk about looking like a raccoon!"" She's had lots of plastic surgery (nose, eyes, skin). And sometimes she thinks that ""sex is like a big gray cat! When you want it to come sit on your lap, it's just as likely to stalk off and go look for a plate of Tender Vittles."" With goodies like those, who tares if the diet and exercise advice is sketchy and mundane, the beauty regimens detailed and all-consuming? The Cosmo following won't.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1982
Publisher: Simon & Schuster