JUSTICE IS A WOMAN by Helen Haberman


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The story of Arthur Bemrose, as told by a friend, Bemrose who had risen to impressive heights, legally and politically, but had never adjusted his personal life to an early inferiority. Falling in love with Janice, a newspaper woman, Bemrose's competitive jockeying for superiority, refusal to subordinate himself to her, leads to a break between them- and Bemrose marries mild, colorless Lucy. Volunteering during the war, Bemrose is crippled by multiple sclerosis, goes to Washington for an important post, and is taken in and cared for by Janice. But not for some times does he admit to his love for her, ask for the divorce from Lucy which will free her for a younger man... An intelligent, contemporary handling of what is basically rental material- this-at the above price- seems somewhat expensive.

Pub Date: June 2nd, 1947
Publisher: Prentice-Hall