NO MATTER WHERE by Helen Hiett


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An observant outlook, a fresh and generous approach to places and peoples, and a disturbed awareness of the steps toward a world at war, all reflected in this autobiography of a young woman who spent her post-college, pre-war years on the continent, with representative young people of several countries. Going to Geneva on a scholarship from the American Students' Union, she stayed on in a job with the League. She went to Italy, then to England; she visited a German labor camp and came to understand the ideal of national service for the good of the country through Trude, a German girl. Paris, and the war, as she took a job reporting back to America with RCA; a special pass to inside Germany again to see Trude, and Trude's acknowledgement that her generation was lost, but rationalization of Fascist moves; Bordeaux, with the shift of capital Spain; finally, America and teaching in a small college in Iowa, driving home the issues we are facing today, the common bonds, and sacrifices, of a youth which is paying for past mistakes, the error of thinking of the post war period in terms of abundance, material progress, rather than in terms of a valid peace. A personalized, sincere account drawn from young people in many countries.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1944
Publisher: Dutton