LANDFALL by Helen Hull


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A close-up of a career woman brings out all the harsh lines in Anice McReal, the efficient editor of a New York publishing house and the wife of a Professor, Clif, whom she's ready to divorce- even though their marriage had cost the lives of her first husband and his first wife. But Clif's operation, and its possibly fatal implications, requires a wifely devotion she is far from feeling; her well-groomed graciousness gets a quick brush-off by his doctor and an impersonal hospital routine; and her hand is forced by her son who commits her to a longterm attendance on the convalescent Clif at the expense of herself- and her career. But when Clif makes the decision to clear out and give her the freedom she had desired, it is she who realizes the loneliness of a life ahead with no one to love... A frosty view of femininity, but a well lacquered sophistication will thaw a fairly wide circle of women readers- for sales and rentals.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1953
Publisher: Coward-McCann