BY YOU LEAVE, SIR by Helen Hull-Lt. Jr. G. U.S.N.R. Jacobs
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A story of a Wave, nicely done, enthusiastic and attractive fictional account of the days of training at the Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School in Northampton, Massachusetts. Becky McLeod, ambulance driver during the London Blitz, loses the man she hoped to marry in the raid, and returns to America with her mother, and enlists as a Wave. The rigors and regulations of training, more than redeemed by new friendships, the realization of the job they are facing, selection as candidate for advanced indoctrination, graduation and Review, and then the surprise of finding herself a Lieutenant, junior grade, instead of a Midshipman at the end. On the side, there is the story of her pursuit by Sam Wilding, Kentucky neighbor who joins the Army and who eventually replaces the boy who was killed in England. A good story, with authentic background, by the well-known former tennis champion.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead