CATHEDRAL: A Gothic Pilgrimage by Helen Huss Parkhurst

CATHEDRAL: A Gothic Pilgrimage

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There really is no conflict in the markets of this book and Sartell Prentice's The Heritage of the Cathedral though it may appear so on the surface. The Prentice book was a goldmine of information, skilfully combined with architectural facts, the whys and wherefores of developments, the economic and social changes back of them, the human picture. A perfect book for anyone planning a trip to Europe... This book is for the scholar, the armchair traveler. Only one section of the book actively concerns itself with the cathedrals and their parts, the architectural significance, the recreation of the mediaeval periods which saw their birth. On this she builds an interpretation of Gothic art, of religion, ethics, romanticism, mediaevalism, the cult of woman, the literary outpourings -- and the modern viewpoint. There's superb writing -- there's an inspirational quality to the book. The 48 pages of illustrations, reproduced in gravure, will make it a beautiful gift book for a highbrow audience. But it's not a book to use as a handbook through the cathedrals of Europe. Nor a book for casual reading.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin