CORA COPYCAT by Helen Lester


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Lester's funny, comix-style cartoons have a lot of energy--just like Cora herself, who is introduced via her unique talents which include the ability to tap-dance on watermelons. But Cora Copycat's bad habit is overriding. When her alarm clock goes BRRRING, Cora says BRRRING. When the dog says Barketyruff, Cora says Barketyruff. And so on through the day, until her tormented family goes off for a walk and Cora is visited by a wild woolly wurgal escaped from the zoo. Cora's reform and rescue are neatly acted out in the conclusion, which has as much going on in the brisk, economical pictures as is told in the similarly snanpy text. A one-time joke perhaps, but a sparky one--and the wild woolly wurgal is a killer.

Pub Date: Sept. 5th, 1979
Publisher: Dutton