ANDRE LE NOTRE: Garden Architect to Kings by Helen M. Fox

ANDRE LE NOTRE: Garden Architect to Kings

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While the name of Andre Le Notre is vaguely familiar to most people interested in landscape gardening history, few know what a pivotal figure he was not only in his period of 17th century France, but in establishing the basic principles of design- harmony and unity with land and house -- which mean as much today as when he was creating his famous gardens. This is a comprehensive study not only of the man and his works (which included Versailles, the Tuileries, the Champs Elysees, Chantilly, Saint-Cloud, Vaux, Mendon, Trianon) -- but the gardens of France before his time, the influence of Italy, the political background against which he worked, and the nobles and kings who were his patrons. The text throws extraordinary light on the contribution made to the greatness of the France of Louis XIV -- and the enduring contribution to garden design made by this greatest of artists in his field.

Publisher: Crown